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Wearable Technology

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Wearable Technology

Vision and history

Wearable or Portable?

At CuteCircuit we believe that the future of fashion is now, and finally the world agrees. Wearable Technology has become the catch-all buzzword, but does anyone know exactly what it is?

The market keeps proposing bracelets, watches, little boxes strapped anywhere on the body, but at CuteCircuit we believe that wearable technology is not a gadget strapped to your wrist. A piece of Wearable technology should be a beautiful garment that allows the human body to become an interface, a sort of second skin, that can connect us to people and places, even far away and remote ones.

Hug Shirt

A t-shirt that allows you to hug a friend over distance. The world’s first haptic telecommunication garment.

Hug ShirtReady to Wear Collection

Fashion has always been the interface between a person and their peers, the colour we wear represents our mood, the garments we wear give onlookers a glimpse into our personality. But while the whole world has become digital, fashion has lagged behind, seducing consumers with cheaply manufactured goods that are manufactured exploiting defenceless workers. At CuteCircuit we are changing this. Our tailors manufacture wonderful garments, enhanced by digital technologies, that are made to last. Garments that are beautiful and magical and give the wearer a feeling of empowerment and connectedness.

The manufacturing methods we use in creating these garments are clean and carefully chosen, respecting the environment and the wearers. We believe that a beautiful product should be beautiful inside and out. Our vision for the future is that all the boxes that we carry with us today, such as mobile phones, cameras, watches, etc; will disappear. All the interfaces will become invisible, embedded into our clothing, always with us, but in an unobtrusive fashion, allowing us to communicate with each other. We call this Human-Human Interaction.

Supertwirkle Dress

A minidress that reacts to the wearer’s movement by changing color, washable in the washing machine and USB rechargeable.

Supertwirkle DressReady to Wear Collection

A Bit of History

CuteCircuit is a pioneer in the field of Wearable Technology. Francesca and Ryan, CuteCircuit’s co-founders and designers have been working together since 2001, finally founding CuteCircuit in 2004.

When Francesca was a designer at Valentino, the Italian fashion house, in 1998, she proposed to make an evening dress embroidered with electroluminescent thread that would light up in reaction to the wearer’s movement. Nobody else wanted to experiment with something so new, but she kept dreaming that one day fashion and technology would come together. In 2001 when she was designing accessories at Esprit, the German RTW label, she proposed to create a purse with a GPS built in, that would send the owner a message if it got stolen or lost. Again, sales figures from previous “normal” designs prevented the idea to being developed further.

Francesca was really convinced that one day these kinds of interactive fashions would become the new “normal”, and reading an article on an Italian design magazine she found out about the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, in Italy, where beautiful minds from all over the world were gathering to explore how technology would change people’s lives five to ten years in the future, and one of the research areas was the integration of fashion and technology.

Eiza Dress

A Twitter controlled black evening dress that changes color when receiving a tweet.

Eiza DressHaute Couture Collection

Finally Francesca resigned her position from these commercial ventures and received a research scholarship to join IDII (Interaction Design Institute Ivrea). At IDII she met Ryan, he was coming from a design and anthropology background and believed that interactions should not only be on screen, using computers, but out in the real world through physical interfaces. When they founded CuteCircuit in 2004, all their amazing ideas started to become a reality.

Many people think that Francesca and Ryan are engineers, seeing CuteCircuit’s designs as very advanced pieces of wearable technology. They are both designers, but when CuteCircuit started, they were so frustrated by the hired engineers trying to design hard, square circuits, that they decided to learn how to design the circuits as well in order to create soft smart circuits exactly as they wanted them to be. And since CuteCircuit has been doing this for more than ten years, as the saying goes “practice makes perfect”. CuteCircuit wouldn’t be CuteCircuit if the wonderfully lightweight and flexible smart textile circuits embedded into our garments weren’t beautiful.

Iconic Designs

CuteCircuit created some of the most iconic garments in the fashion landscape. CuteCircuit is the first fashion label to seamlessly integrate fashion design with interactive technologies creating garments that look spectacular and feel magical. CuteCircuit is pushing the boundaries of what fashion should mean in the 21st Century.

  • The HugShirt, honoured as one of the Best Inventions of the Year by Time Magazine
  • The Galaxy Dress, on permanent display at the Museum of Science and industry in Chicago
  • Nicole Scherzinger’s Twitter Dress, and interactive ready-to-wear.
  • The delightful Katy Perry MET Gala evening gown,
  • The tshirtOS and the iMiniSkirt controlled via the Q App, part of the CuteCircuit ready to wear collection.
Press & Celebrity
  • CuteCircuit’s work is frequently featured in international magazines, books on design, fashion and innovation, such as Fashioning the Future, Textile Visionaries, WWD, Time Magazine, Surface, WIRED, ELLE, Vogue, etc.
  • View a selection of press coverage here.
  • CuteCircuit’s celebrity clients include: Katy Perry, Nicole Scherzinger, Irina Shayk, Sarah Brightman, Fergie, Laura Pausini, U2, Eiza Gonzalez, and more, that have worn CuteCircuit Haute Couture for red carpet appearances.
  • The iMiniSkirt is part of the Digital Revolution exhibition of the Barbican Museum in London, currently traveling worldwide.
  • A number of documentaries about the future of fashion and innovation feature CuteCircuit, see them here.
Galaxy Dress

Part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, embroidered with 24000 micro-LEDs, the world’s first color changing dress.

Galaxy DressHaute Couture Collection

Inspired by the groundbreaking pioneers like Coco Chanel and Schiaparelli, CuteCircuit move fashion forward mixing innovation with couture techniques. CuteCircuit’s designers Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz design exclusive interactive fashion collections creating textile technologies and revolutionising fashion with garments that communicate digitally and look beautiful.

From color-changing dresses  – to iPhone controlled mini-skirts – to social media connected couture.

These garments are unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

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Katy Perry MET Gala

Katy Perry lit up the MET Gala red carpet wearing this amazing CuteCircuit design making headlines worldwide.

Katy Perry MET GalaHaute Couture Collection